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Long Island Stair Lifts

What is a stair lift?

A residential stair lift ensures home access for disabled individuals. The elderly, those with limited mobility and the injured maintain independence and stability when effective stair lifts are acquired. Stair lifts attach to existing staircases, allowing those with limited mobility to access all areas of their homes.

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Our Stair Lift Products

StairGlide NY offers a diverse array of products suitable for every home. We work with a number of industry-leading manufacturers to provide stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, handicap lifts, and more. Safety and convenience are just a phone call away.


Straight Stair Lifts

The straight stair lift design offers comfort and reliability within well-loved homes. Each straight-aligned StairGlide NY lift has been designed for safety and geared towards comfort.

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Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stairs aren’t an obstacle to stair elevators with StairGlide NY’s customized curved lifts. Each curved and spiraled design offers customized installation while maintaining unique shapes and designs.

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Wheelchair Ramps

When making sure your home is accessible, don’t exclude the exterior. StairGlide NY provides and installs wheelchair ramps, including modular ramps that can be configured to fit any space.

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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are ideal for interiors. All of our vertical platform lifts offer smooth, quiet performance, and are easily installed in a day or two by our professionals.

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Along with our new installations. StairGlide NY also offers refurbished stair lifts on Long Island. Our full warrantee-approved and reconditioned chair lifts are an available option for anyone seeking to install a chair lift in their home. Carefully restored to their initial condition, these stair lifts often provide a cost-efficient solution to those who may not be able to purchase a brand-new stair lift.


Accessible with same-day appointments, StairGlide chair lifts are available for short term rentals. Installations and estimates are available 24 hours a day, and no down payments are required. With quick installation and no waiting list, each handicap chair lift is available for those intending to pursue a variety of options.


StairGlide NY is dedicated to quality and convenience, and we understand that even a slight hiccup in the operation of your stair chair is detrimental to your quality of life. Stair lift and chair lift repair is an integral part of our services, whether it’s part of a scheduled maintenance plan or an emergency fix.

About StairGlide NY

As an organization recognized throughout New York state, StairGlide NY provides quality, reliability, and safety across our product lines and services. A leading provider of stair lifts Long Island with headquarters in Babylon, we are dedicated to serving our surrounding community by serving those with physical disabilities.

Stairglide NY has served clients requiring accessibility for years. Dedicated to homes and businesses, we’ve cultivated over a century of experience — creating innovative and safe solutions for homes, churches, public buildings and other establishments.