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Stairlift installation

A stair lift is a motorized apparatus that consists of a motorized chair. The chair moves up and down a rail that is attached to a staircase. Most stairlifts are battery operated, in case there is a power outage, it still works. A chairlift for stairs Long Island work in all parts of the home, whether they are inside or outside. Depending on the kind of staircase you have, the rail can either have a generic design, just measured to fit your staircase exactly, or totally customized. It all depends on what your home requires. Stairlift installation is included with a purchase of a stair lift.

The timing of the installation of your new stair lift varies depending on what type of staircase you have. For straight stairlifts Long Island, it takes up to a few hours. For other staircases, it can take up to a whole day to have it properly installed. Pricing for installation is included in your stairlift installation. If you decide to hire a contractor of your choice, bear in mind it may cost somewhere between $3,000 to $5,000 to install.

Stairlift installation can be either pretty easy and quick, to a little more time consuming and challenging. Depending on the staircase that requires a stair lift, customization varies. Although stairlift installation can be done by an individual, it is recommended to have a professional Long Island stairlift company install the stair lift for your home. A Long Island lift chair is easiest to install on your own, but for other staircase designs, it may be best to allow a technician to do the job. The rail, chair, and chassis are difficult to lift, and extra hands will be needed to lift and adjust them accordingly. Keep in mind, if you do decide to install your own stair lift, don’t forget to consult with an electrician. If you decide to install your own stair lift, finding a company that will supply a warranty, or even provides repair service will be difficult. Most companies do not want to be responsible for something they didn’t do. Finding an authorized dealer for stairlift repair service is the safest option to having all of your bases covered during and after installation.

They have the right tools to properly measure not only the length of your staircase but also the design and curvature of the banister. They are more capable of properly measuring everything out to customize your stairlift to suit your needs, as well as your home’s staircase. Not only that, but the installation of your stairlift is included in the cost of your purchase. Take one thing off of your plate, and allow a Stair Glide professional to install your stair lift.

Things to consider before installing a stair lift

Before having your stair lift installed in your home, there are a few things to consider before making a final decision.

What are the brands? Knowing each brand and what they specialize will help you in making your decision in which installation is best for your lifestyle.

Educate yourselves on the dealer: Many people that pass off as handymen may very well be qualified to install your stair lift, however, there are plenty that are not. Hiring a qualified dealer not only ensures that you will have your stair lift installed properly, but they are also licensed to do the work. It protects your warranty, and eventually your wallet later on.

Fully communicate your specific needs to your stair lift expert. Each stairlift customer has specific needs (usually mobility) that can slow them down in their everyday activity. Keeping your stair lift professional in the loop about your particular needs, helps them better understand how they can help make this new addition to your home more helpful to you.

Hiring the right professional, and being vocal about your needs are key essentials in making sure your stairlift installation easy and seamless.