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Why use a Long Island stairlift company?

Elderly people are living longer these days. They are fiercely independent and are more active as well. One thing that most elderly people and their family members want to avoid if possible is put a restriction on their lifestyle. Keeping them home is beneficial to their well-being and happiness. One fall can easily change their lifestyle completely. They are more prone to injury, and getting around is not as easy. For elderly people that have stairs, many little things can hinder their ability to go up and down in their own homes. From severe arthritis to a fall, physical changes in their bodies can become a hindrance. Keeping them mobile, and helping them preserve their independence is something that’s beneficial to the whole family.

After mobility is limited in a home where an elderly person lives, making sure they get around safely is of interest to them and their loved ones. Being able to climb up and down the stairs can become increasingly difficult, and hinder their productivity for the day. Installing a stair lift in the home can easily eliminate any concerns regarding going up and downstairs. Hiring a Long Island stairlift company is a great option for elderly people that want to maintain their independence. Stairlift installation allows your loved ones to move around their entire home quickly and safely; going around from room to room is a breeze.

What is a stairlift?

A stair lift is a motorized apparatus that consists of a motorized chair. The chair moves up and down a rail that is attached to a staircase. A chair lift for stairs Long Island are battery operated, in case there is a power outage, it still works. Long Island lift chairs work in all parts of the home, whether they are inside or outside. Keep in mind, no matter what kind of lift you need, it is trimmed to fit the exact length and shape of your staircase. Depending on the kind of staircase you have, the rail can either have a generic design, just measured to fit your staircase exactly, or totally customized. It all depends on what your home requires.

What kinds of lifts are there?

There are three different types of stair lifts. Stairlifts Long Island are each tailored to work with any kind of banister inside or outside of the home.

  • Straight stairlift- Straight stair lifts are mass produced. They are not usually customized, which makes it easy to ship and install. They do no curve, or turn, they just go up and down. It’s the most economical option, and the simplest to have in the home.
  • Curved stairlift- Curved stairlifts are usually customized. They require a little more attention because the curvature of a staircase varies from home to home. The stairlift company technician uses specialized tools to measure the size, length, and shape of the staircase so that the rail can fit, and the stairlift can work without any issues.
  • Standing stairlift- A standing stairlift is similar to a chair lift, the only difference is, instead of sitting, you’re standing at the lift takes you from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa. For people that have trouble bending their knees, or for narrow staircases, this stairlift is ideal.
  • Perch lift- A perch lift is like a standing stairlift. The biggest difference is it has armrests that help with balance, and you’re able to break with it while you’re moving. It helps avoid traffic jams on the staircase. The other person is able to get by without bumping into the other person on their perch.

Another perk of hiring a stairlift company besides the convenience and safety it offers for your loved ones is it offers you peace of mind because a stairlift repair service is included with your installation. A Long Island stairlift company is who to call when you want to customize your home for more mobility. Keeping your independence and maneuverability in your home is essential to maximum comfort and safety.